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"The one advice I can give to someone, to start making their dream a reality is to go and buy a whiteboard! Then start brainstorming anything and everything about achieving it.  You'll soon find things start happening because you've made the first step, planning. rather than dreaming.

- Rhys Lawrey

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Welcome to the world of travel & motorcycling! A place where you can #BeInspired or be the inspirer. Join the new era!

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Welcome to the #BeInspired Forum. Here is where you can discuss general things about all things travel and motorcycling.

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The #BeInspired Forum | Here is where you can chat about Travel. No bikes here just pure love of travel.

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The #BeInspired Forum | How to inspiring others, one way is through video and photos so lets chat about how!

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#BeInspired Forum | Share to world what events are kicking off. Share your own event, see whos going. Create Memories!

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#BeInspired Forum | All about the bikes, having problems, need tips on bikes, share your knowledge of 'How to'

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The #BeInspired Forum | Here is where all chatter about motorcycling a wild range of motorcycling big bikes, small bikes

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The #BeInspired Forum | Welcome! Welcome to the world of Motorcycling. Now lets start getting miles done!

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#BeInspired Forum | We all love sharing our stories and experiences. Wanting to do just that, right here! Inspire others

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#BeInspired Forum | Joining a tour, running a tour, all there is to tours travelling with people sharing experiences!

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Wanting to know about certain countries and regions of the world. Share with others the latest from travelled countries

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  • nina
    Jan 23, 2018

    Australia has a lot to offer to both travellers and its citizens. From sightseeing venues to amazing landscapes, this country will undoubtedly sweep you off your feet. So it comes as no surprise that Australia has many music events guaranteed to show you a good time and wonderful tunes. Some last for days while others travel across the country playing in different cities. As travellers, you’ll probably have an opportunity to visit one and experience firsthand the melodies and positive vibes of these events. So here are some of the Australian best which will be great to stop by when in the country. Woodford Folk Festival Woodford Folk Festival is the 6 day and night event happens during the Christmas/New Year’s break. It’s organized on the 500-acre Woodfordia parkland north of Brisbane. This festival offers street theatre, children’s entertainment, social dialogues and, of course, music and dancing. If you’re travelling with your family , this is the perfect festival to visit and have some holiday experience. Sugar Mountain Sugar Mountain is a summer festival which takes place in Melbourne every January. It lasts only one day but it’s enough to have famous names such as The Avalanches and Courtney Barnett. The idea is to connect people visually through interactive performances and celebrate creativity. As stated by the official Sugar Mountain Festival website the event is “showcasing the best in contemporary music, visual art and new media, focusing on the natural meeting points between different mediums.” Melbourne Jazz Festival Since we presented one of the Melbourne’s festivals, it’s only fitting to mention another one dedicated to the jazz , blues and funk music. It happens every year in springtime and lasts for 11 days with performances by the biggest world headliners. The event is spread across several venues like concert halls, art galleries and clubs. If you’re more for something laid back and not being pushed into the crowd, then Melbourne Jazz Festival is a perfect place for you to enjoy great music and relax. Groovin the Moo Groovin the Moo is a music festival taking place in the six Australian smaller cities like Maitland and Canberra. It happens annually in April and May, but even though it doesn’t happen in a big city, it's far from the small profile. That’s proven by the sold-out performances since 2005. Groovin the Moo is dedicated to the rock, hip-hop and electronic music, all acts Australian giving visitors a chance to enjoy the best the country has to offer. Listen Out If you’re into dance, electro and trance events then Listen Out will certainly be interesting for you. This is a travelling music festival which has a good reputation among the similar events. Organized since 2015 in place of the Parklife music festival, it will happen in four big cities: Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Brisbane. One of the perks of this kind of festivals is that they DJ hire Sydney , Melbourne and other cities’ based amateur artists along with the famous performers. The Falls Music and Arts Festival Annual Falls Music and Arts Festival is held during New Year’s time in three locations simultaneously; Lorne in Victoria, Marion Bay in Tasmania, Yelgun in New South Wales and Fremantle in Western Australia. It lasts around 10 days and you can enjoy hip-hop, indie music, electronic, blues, rock and roots performances. All locations are near beaches and you can use the campsites as well for accommodations. It has various programs and performances, from theatre over circus to cabaret among the standard concerts. St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival Laneway Festival is one of the most famous music and arts events in Australia. It started off as small, but today it has even gone international. Australian cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Fremantle together with Singapore, Auckland and Detroit hoist Laneway Festivals each year. This is an important music event which features local musical talents along with new arrivals and A-listers from all over the world. Last thoughts Travelling can be more fun if you try local events and enjoy the atmosphere all around you. Lastly, after the whole day exploring the wonders of this gorgeous continent, it would be only fitting to enjoy some of the entertainment it offers.
  • nina
    Oct 11

    You finally decided to go exploring the riches and beauties of Australia. Added benefit – you’re going to have a first caravanning adventure. However, before you start packing your bags, have in mind that towing a caravan is more than driving a car. It will give a completely new perspective on your travel and teach you how to appreciate a free parking space. In order for everything to go smoothly, here are some useful tips every new caravanner should know. Make a list! Everything is better with a list . Moreover, for your first caravanning adventure, it’s certainly necessary. It should include towing aid, fire extinguisher, sway control device, insulation tape and other parts of the general safety and equipment. Also, don't forget medicines, batteries, water, chairs and other items you will generally need for your everyday camping. Music, movies, books, board games and other entertainment should also make a checklist since it will help you to relax after a long hours drive. Make a map! Australia is quite a country and it has a lot to offer. From amazing hiking trails to gorgeous beaches, it will tempt you to make more stops than you have time for. With a map created based on good research and together with your co-travellers, you’ll be able to see it all and in time. There is the most popular route for caravanners from Cairns to Brisbane on the East coast. This way you’ll see some of the most beautiful landscapes like Great Barrier Reef. Going down Pacific Highway from Brisbane to Sydney will be a great opportunity to surf. Besides the gorgeous beaches, you can stop and watch the whales. The coastal Stuart Highway from Adelaide to Darwin will take you through mountainous Flinders Ranges to the central desert and gorges on the north. Van up! One of the crucial preparations involves checking the van, inside and out. Secure the drawers and all other loose elements which may open up during turns. Lock windows and the door, and also pack your belongings so they don’t get scattered all over. Lift the steps up, check if the towing aid is in place, and fixed tightly so the caravan doesn't get unhooked during the drive. Make sure that all appropriate and necessary lights are on both on the van and your vehicle, as well as that the air pressure in all tires is correct. Rise and shine early. Have a good night’s sleep before the big day and wake up early . The sooner you start the trip the bigger are the chances you’ll avoid the traffic crowd. If it’s your first time towing the caravan then light traffic might help you relax and get the hang of things. However, don’t drive if you’re tired or haven’t had enough sleep. It’s better to take it slow and without any pressure to avoid stress and anxiety during driving. Get used to the small space Take a good look at your home for the next few weeks. It may be small and restricted , but you don’t need more really. It will be enough to sleep and prepare meals, but other than that, you will spend most of your time discovering Australia. Go teamwork! If you’re travelling with someone then make sure you all know your responsibilities. Every member of the travelling caravan has to contribute and help so the trip would be great for all. Practice hand signals for when you have to be guided through the narrow paths and parking space. When setting up camp, assign tasks to everyone so it would go faster and you can all enjoy the rest. During road trips, it’s important to establish teamwork so everyone can have fun. Practice makes perfect. Setting up camp is something you will have to do very often and after a long ride. The perfect way to do it with ease is if you practice all the steps. That way you’ll do it quickly and can use the rest of the time for a well-deserved rest and exploring. Premium boat hose reels are great for quick set up and will give you clean water supply. This will especially make your dog happy since there nothing better than playing with the water hose after being confined to a small place whole day. In the end After these extensive preparations don’t forget to take with you that which will you value the most – good mood and enthusiasm for adventure.
  • noel.d.nicole
    Oct 11

    Spring has sprung the highly-anticipated warmer and sunnier days, and summer is right around the corner - is there a better time to discover some of Australia’s  least known cycling routes? Of course not.Luckily for all you cycling fanatics out there, there is no shortage of fun and adventure in the Land of Oz, with bike-friendly urban, rural, and wilderness routes just waiting to be conquered by restless spirits. From Victoria and NSW to Tasmania, South Australia, and Queensland, a single lifetime is not enough to discover and experience the natural beauties Australia has to offer. Here are the five hidden cycling treasures of Oz you are bound to fall in love with. Great Ocean Road First, you’ll need to plan for four to five days on the road. Second, you’re going to have a blast. The 250-kilometre stretch of twists and turns from Torquay in Geelong to Warrnambool to the west is a truly breathtaking scenic route that looks much better from a seat of a bike than a seat of a car. Because why drive when you can ride and experience the scenery? Start in Torquay and witness all of the iconic sights symbolic of the Australian landscape - the cliffs, the ocean, the golden sandy beaches,and the rainforests. The Grand Ocean Road truly is a journey to remember. High Country Brewery Trail Fancy an ice-cold pint at the end of every trail? No problem, the Victoria’s High Country Brewery Trail has got your covered. This is not a race, oh no, this is a journey of taste and pleasure. The trail entailing natural beauties at Warby Range, through the Beechworth Mountain BikePark, to the Ovens River at Bright, will also have you taste unique homemade brews at every stop - a perfect refreshment after a challenging trail. The trail that begins at Glenrowan and ends at the breathtaking Mount Beauty has everything a cyclist’s heart could possibly want from an adventure in the Aussie wilderness. Remember, it is still wilderness nonetheless, so make sure you research and obtain all of the necessary equipment at a reputable online bike store in Australia in order to stay safe, and make your adventure a breeze. Rottnest Island Did you know that off the coast of Perth, arguably one of the most beautiful cities in the world, lies an island bosting more than sixty golden sandy beaches? Welcome to Rottnest Island , where you will feel more inclined to put on a pair of shades and you favourite swimsuit and just lay about all day long, soaking in the rays. When you do decide to hop on your trusty metal steed though, you will find that the pleasant, scenic ride around the island won’t take you more than a few hours, depending on how many stop you make to take a dip or marvel in the beauty before you. What makes this island even more inviting for cyclists is the fact that the roads are sealed off for vehicles - a true paradise for bike (the cool kind) enthusiasts. Mount Buller Winter is over, the snow has melted from the mountain’s slopes, so what are you waiting for? Mount Buller is waiting for you. During the spring and summer seasons, this popular winter escapade transforms its façade into one of country’s most vivid mountain biking destination. But if this notion alone is not enough to tickle your imagination, how about the fact that in December 2014 the Australian Alpine Epic trail was opened and officially dubbed an “epic mountain bike ride” by the International Mountain Biking Association? Elite cyclists only, though! Maria Island Off the coast of Tasmania lies yet another island, a National Park in its entirety, and a true heaven for cyclists no matter the experience, no matter the skill level. Keep in mind that there are no stores on the island and you will be left to your own devices once there, so make sure you pack all of the necessary provisions before your board the ferry at Triabunna. Traffic is not allowed on the island, so you can enjoy walking and cycling with the native animals to your heart’s content. Be sure to visit the Painted Cliffs while there! Australia has no shortage of traversable natural wonders that are perfect to explore and experience from the seat of your trusty steed. Be sure to hit up these hidden gems this season for a cycling adventure of a lifetime.

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