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Around the World 2014/15

Around the World 2014/15 World Record Adventure

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Rhys Lawrey rode around the world leaving 2nd May 2014 from home town Cambridge on a Triumph Tiger 800XC up to Hinckley then departed from Ace Cafe London the 3rd May to ride 56,854 miles through 71 countries, and being away from home for 441 days. Riding solo, unsupported, and continuously between ages 22 to 24 just should how much of an achievement this around the world trip is, not to mention becoming the first youngest person to do such a thing and breaking the Guinness World Record for the "Most Consecutive Capital Cities Visited by Motorcycle"
Read everything about below, with the route, what accessories the bike had, the world records, all the way down to how many underwear was taken.   

The route took over a year to really make it possible to do both Youngest World Record attempt and the Guinness Capital City Record attempt without clashing with weather conditions, border crossing, visa and more. When it comes to route planning it is one of the hardest things to do because no matter how much planning you do, when your out there in wildness of life anything can get in the way of that well planned route which you mastered day in and day out. Planning a route is good but there’s only so much you can do back at base. As Rhys' personal saying goes “Expect the Unexpected!”

The route started off in London, left on 2nd May 2014 from home town Cambridge headed to the  Triumph Motorcycles Factory in Hinckley then left from the Ace Cafe on 3rd May 2014. Covering 56,854 miles, crossing through 71 countries in 6 continents taking just 441 days.

The first part went across Central Asia then into China, south into South East Asia, then down to Australia & New Zealand then continuing to North, Central & South America. Before flying to Cape Town. The Capital City Guinness World Record count started in Montevideo, Uruguay then headed into the African section. Breaking the old Guinness World Record of 5 consecutive capital cities in Mbabane, Swaziland then continued to add to the total of 51 capital cities as through Europe, the last section on the whole trip. Finished at the Houses of Parliament in London, England on 17th July 2015. London the last capital city.


The Route

GoPro Selfie - Rhys Lawrey China
Rhys Lawrey Kevin Sanders
Rhys Lawrey
After Trip Facts - Fuel fact.jpg

World Records

The First Youngest Person to Circumnavigate the World by Motorcycle 
Continuously without returning home, solo & unsupported 

The rule followed to properly say circumnavigate the world on land so not just around the top example, round Russia, Canada and North America yet never touching the Southern Hemisphere. To achieve this the trip followed the “Circumnavigation Rules”, of which was:


  • Start and finish from the same location - London.

  • The same motorcycle should be used for the entire journey - Triumph Tiger 800XC

  • The applicant must be legally old enough to ride a motorcycle in each country passed through

  • The journey must be continuous, with each leg of the journey beginning at the point at which the previous leg ended.

  • The journey must be a minimum of 24,900 miles (40,075 kms) - 56,854 miles

  • The age of the claimant will be taken as that at the completion of the journey. 24 years, 12 days old.

  • The rider should ride overland across the Equator at least once. Meaning you ride both north and south hemisphere.

  • Cross two antipodes points, (Unsure what antipodes mean, click here.) - Spain and New Zealand. ( 4 antipodes were ticked off, also Santiago, Chile and Xi'an, China)



Rhys started at the age of 22 years, 9 months, and 27 days and finished at the record age of 24 years, 12 days old.

After Trip Facts - Personal weightloss f
Rhys Lawrey Triumph Factory
Rhys at London end of road
Day 1 - 22 years old
Day 441 - 24 years old
Guinness World Record
Most Consecutive Capital Cities Visited by Motorcycle

The final part of the around the world route is also the start of the 2nd world record attempt, the “Most Consecutive Capital Cities Visited by Motorcycle”. This record started in Montevideo, Uruguay and then continued ticking off ONLY capital cities till the end - London, England. London being the start and stop point rule for the youngest around the world record, and being the last capital city for the Consecutive Capital City Record.

The Final Chapter brought many different challenges, he was no longer able to come across hidden locations, go down off the beaten tracks, ridding no ordinary routes through small towns in the middle of nowhere. It’s was going from gas station to gas station, big city straight to another. No stops, no rest!

It was all about pushing on and digging deep, battling boredom on main highway roads, fighting through Capital City traffic, having to stick to the schedule and not to mention the huge average mileage on the Triumph Tiger 800XC (”Tigger”)

To top it all off it was done right after already being on the road for over 11 months and already doing over 40,000 miles in 33 countries.


The old record was a small 5 consecutive capital cities completed in Central America. It was planned and set out to make it nearly impossible for anyone to beat. So Rhys achieved 51 consecutive capital cities in 3 continents, South America, Africa and then Europe.

Guinness World Record Certificate
Rhys with Guinness world record
The Rules

The rules by Guinness World Records for this one are really strict, it’s almost like playing a card or board game;


  • This record is for the most consecutive capital cities visited on a motorcycle without returning to the point of origin.

  • A consecutive visit means that you travel directly from one capital city to another with no rest stops in between except for refuelling and border crossings.

  • The participant can only take prolonged rest breaks once he/she arrives at a capital city.

  • There is no time limit for this record.

  • While there is no time limit, if the participant is inactive in one capital city for more than 14 days the record attempt will be deemed over.

  • A visit to a capital city is defined as visiting ONE of the following landmarks if found within the city centre: Town Hall, National Theatre, Seat of Government, Main transport hub (train station or bus station) or Main Square.

  • No capital city may be counted more than once on the journey.

  • Any one capital can only be "revisited" once while on the journey. Any additional visits and the attempt will be disqualified.

After Trip Facts - Consecutive capital t

The Bike

Triumph Tiger 800 XC (2014 Model)

Rhys chose the Triumph 800 XC because just looking at this bike you know you’re in for a fun ride when the road disappears and yet still have the comfort of a bigger bike for those longer days. Beautiful 21” front wheels making it cruise over pot holes, a fantastic riding position upright balance and with being a three-cylinder 95PS engine, it makes overtaking and getting out of situations easy, and gives a smooth feel. A perfect all round adventure touring bike for anyone.


With being the first person to take a modern Triumph motorcycle continuously around the world, over 56,000 miles through 71 countries, Rhys is always proud to say the bike had not one issue or problem while on route. It was unbelievable on how it preformed through all types of terrain, weather conditions and different environments. “Tigger” (The Triumph Tiger 800XC) now joins the ranks as one of the most famous Triumph Motorcycles with having completed what she has done and doing 2 world records, it’s not a bike to look at lightly.

The first of it's kind, "Tigger" lead the way in helping Triumph bloom in the adventure scene with the 800. When people always chose a BMW, it showed other bikes can do an around the world just as well if not better. The Triumph Tiger 800 which will now go down in history and can be seen at the brand new Hinckley Visitor Centre. 

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Metel Mule Panniers
Metla Mule Panniers
Triumph Waterproof Roll Bag
Triumph Motorcycle Roller bag
Triumph Adventure Tank Bag
Triumph Motorcycle Tank bag
Scottoiler eSystem Chain Lube
Scottoiler eSystem
Triumph Adventure Fog Lights
Triumph Motorcycle Lights
Arrow Exhaust 
Arrow Exhaust
Heated Grips
Triumph Motorcycle Heated grips
Adventure Screen
Triumph Motorcycle Adventure screen
Big Foot Pegs
Triumph Motorcycle Foot pegs
Engine Bars
Triumph Motorcycle accessories
Tyre Choice

Tyres - Continental Trail Attack 2 & TKC 80’s

Out of the 56,854 miles Rhys only used Continental brand tyres and switched between the Continental Trail Attack 2 and the more off-road type TKC 80’s. During the whole time on the road he didn’t have one puncture. Running with tubes and had a tube valve leak air once which resulted in a tube change. Never carried spare tyres, only front and rear spare tubes.

The Trail Attacks are amazing with being a tough road tyre you can put thousands of miles on her and still keep the shape. The longest Rhys went on a set of Trail Attacks was around 12,000 miles. (Which was very must used by then. And don't recommend pushing them that much for safety)

The TKC 80’s are truly built to with stand the rough and tough off-road style of roads. It grips well in loose gravel and even on bends it grips like a road tyre. The rear tyre did run out fast with only doing 5,000 miles but the front keep going a further 4,000+ miles. (Again pushed to the limit)

Every item which was carried
Continental Tyres
TrailAttacks 2
Continental Tyres
TKC 80's
After Trip Facts - Trye fact.jpg

Everything inside the roller bag;

  • 1x Tent

  • 1x Mattress,

  • 1x Sleeping bag

  • 1x Adventure towel

  • 1x Fold in mug

  • Back up warmth clothing;

    • 1x Leggings

    • 1x Long sleeve tshirt

    • 1x Jacket

  • 1x Spare front tube

  • 1x Spare rear tube

  • 1x Spare engine oil and Scottoiler oil

  • 1x Whiskey flask

  • 1x Head torch

  • 1x Spare chain

  • 1x Spare strap downs

  • 2-4x Emergency beers

  • Any souvenirs collected along the way

Everything inside the 31 litre pannier;

  • 1x Laptop

  • 1x Document folder

  • 1x Packet of cabal-ties

  • 1x Tyre pump

  • 1x Tyre pressure reader

  • 1x Electric tape

  • 1x Adjustable spanner

  • 1x Used Scottoiler oil

  • 1x Mini first aid kit

  • 4x Strap downs

  • 4x Rags

  • Spare bike parts exclude -

    • 1x Air filter

    • 2x Spark plugs

    • 2x Wheel sprockets

    • 2x Rear brake pads

    • 2x Front brake pads

    • 1x Clutch cable

    • 1x Clutch lever

    • 1x Front brake lever

Everything inside the 38 litre pannier which has a Keriga inner bag;

  • 1x Off the bike shoes

  • 4x Underwear

  • 2x Riding socks

  • 4x Off the bike socks

  • 2x Riding tshirts

  • 1x Trousers (which can turn into shorts)

  • 2x Polo shirts

  • 2x Basic tshirts

  • 1x “Smart dress” collar shirt

  • 1x Jumper

  • 1x Wash bag

  • 1x Shaver

  • 1x Jandals (Flip flops)

What to pack for a trip
Filming Equipment

Everything inside the tank bag;

  • Sunscreen

  • Sun hat

  • Sun glasses

  • Torch

  • 1x Swiss-army knife

  • Selfie Stick

  • 1x Toilet roll

  • 1x Hand sanitizer

  • Hand/Face wipes

  • Insect replant

  • Pens/stickers/business cards

  • Portable USB battery bank

  • Current Country Map

  • Note book

  • GoPro Camera Equipment;

    • 1x GoPro Hero4 Black Camera

    • 2x GoPro Hero 3+ Black Camera

    • 4x USB Charger wires

    • 3x Housings cases

    • 1x Open Frame Case

    • 10x spare Hero 4 batteries

    • 6x Spare Hero 3+ batteries

    • Dual Battery charger

    • LCD ScreenoBack-Pac Battery

    • Wifi Control

    • Jaw Clamp

    • Extension arm

    • Chest Mount

    • Spare SD Memory Card

    • Mix of mount attachments

    • Mix of sticky mounts

After Trip Facts - Weight fact.jpg

Photos & Videos

FILM and Series

Around the World with Rhys Lawrey FIlm and series - Watch it now

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After Trip Facts - Bottle fact.jpg
After Trip Facts - stolen fact.jpg


The Prince's Trust


2moroRider is partnered up with The Prince Trust Charity - the UK's leading youth charity.

Their goal - To Inspire Young Lives! While I did the double record world ride, I also raised funds to support The Princes Trust through the JustGiving website and JustTextGiving by Vodafone.

The Prince's Trust is a youth charity that helps change young lives! Giving something back I helped raise the awareness and £3055.16GBP to help young lives through the help of The Princes Trust. After doing this inspirational and life changing adventure, I will continue to work alongside The Prince Trust, and helping youth. So please continue to donate under the 2moroRider cause and getting young people out there doing things. The youth is our future, let’s helps those who need it.

#BeInspired - Life Worth Living

"We cannot choose which life we are born into, we can only deal with what we are given. It’s our own choice to make that life better and worth living. Your life is lived by how you want it to be.

- Rhys Lawrey

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