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Rhys first started riding at the age of 8 going to some weekend dirt tracks with his father, Kevin Sanders. His father was the main inspiration to motorcycling as Kevin also has Guinness World Records on a motorcycle, he also runs the UK based motorcycle tour company, GlobeBusters.

Moving to New Zealand at the age of 10 with his mother and sister, Auckland, New Zealand will soon become the place he calls his second home. While in New Zealand, finding cricket and bartending as the main passion and with no real drive for university he chose to leave school at 17 and get behind the bar and start working his way up the ranks.

With already travelling around with bartending, it came to the point at 21 when having a Skype call with his Dad, this is where the grand idea of riding around the world came about. Before he knew it, he was dropping everything and moving back to England to start planning the world trip and come 2nd May 2014 (aged 22) he set off to ride around the world solo riding 56,854 miles through 71 countries over 441 days, to become the youngest person to do such a thing as well as break the Guinness World Record for the "Most Consecutive Capital Cities Visited by Motorcycle" After riding into the history books, helping put the Triumph Tiger on the map in the adventure market and change the way adventure motorcycling can be shared, it has opened up a whole new world and opportunities.


He has ridden across the States from New York to Los Angeles, be featured in film campaigns, print material, event attendance, giving inspirational talks, worked as a consultant in designing motorcycle gear, signing deals as ambassador roles, modelling for motorcycle & non-motorcycle companies and amount all this still has time to go back and work behind the bar in Cambridge, England.What lies ahead for the youngster, with already doing more than most at a young age and with many more years to live he continues wanting to inspire others, not to go ride around the world but to get out there and achieve what they want to achieve. Making it clear that hard work, sacrifice, and determination all plays off.

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