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Around the World with Rhys Lawrey Film

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Rhys Lawrey Foot Tap

Rhys Lawrey - 2moroRider

Adventurer - World Record Holder - Inspirational Figure

Rhys Lawrey who rode around the world solo on a motorcycle to become the first youngest person to do so between the ages of 22-24 years old and who broke the Guinness World record for the Most Consecutive Capital Cities Visited by Motorcycle now continues to grow and inspire others to get out and do. Starting the brand name 2moroRider and the slogan #BeInspired the adventurer lives to help others to do the impossible just like he did. With the passion of travel, living life fully, and taking all opportunities, it's about making people jump and do what they keep saying they want to do. Hence the infamous "FootTap" or "Heel Kick".

#BeInspired - The Treadmill

"Every day people are living on a treadmill. Continuously moving, but moving the same as they did yesterday, because people don't like change. It's not about doing something big, but about something different, something which takes you off the treadmill and makes you think, appreciate, feel fear, be happy, sad, angry, feel emotion and come to the end no matter what the result you will have lived and achieved in one way or another. And sometimes all it takes is a little bit of inspiration to get you off that treadmill.

Sometimes you just need to #BeInspired!" 

- Rhys Lawrey

FILM and Series

Around the World with Rhys Lawrey FIlm and series - Watch it now


A blast from the past, take a look at Lawreys past adventurers and world records.

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